We have been designing, developing, branding, optimizing, and creating Websites and plugins for a number of clients, belonging to various industry dimensions. Implementing the latest design ideas and innovative technologies, followed by tried-and-proven techniques, has helped us to devise cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We appreciate our clients’ requirements and document all those requirements for an effective customizable web solution.

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ResProVis Plugin
One of our client had been looked for such kind of functionality that will hide the products according to various  time, date and weekdays slots. We thought why don’t we make it?

ResProVis is a handy plugin which allow you to add the additional functionality for a WooCommerce shop page. It is straight forward to use and simple administration tool that integrate seamlessly in the wordpress admin panel. It helps in organize the shop page by restricting the visibility of products according to the allocated Time, Date and Weekdays Slots.


• Ready to use in less than 5 minutes.
• A dedicated Graphical User Interface (GUI) for managing the slots.
• A dedicated plugin dashboard from where you can Arrange /       Create, Read, Update, Delete slots according to the requirements.
• Select multiple products in one go via ajax.It’s helps to allocate various products to the respective slot
• Keeps your shop page products updated in a logical way by dividing into various custom time, date and week slots.

Kumar’s Kitchen Project

Kumars Kitchen’s website has been developed by our team of professional developers. We are always proactive in paying attention to the customer’s needs and offering recommendations before they ask.

We have integrated a 3D tour on the kk website for the assistance of their customers.

Search Engine Optimization has been enabled for improving the quality and the quantity of website traffic  from various search engines.SEO also assists them in boosting sales.

Online table reservation system has been setup for allowing the customers to order and pay for food via credit card

Membership login page have been designed for an easy access to important information.

We provide credit card services for prompt payments.

We received a good response from Kumar’s Kitchen regarding the services we provided. If you want to have a look on Kumar’s Kitchen Website then, Visit the URL


Maple Terrace Project

Maple Terrace’s website has been developed by our team of professional developers. Our client had a requirement of new website for their Motel, with latest animations and dynamic modules for every sections.

We have integrated a Third-Party Rooms Reservation application for the assistance of their customers.

We also worked for additional requirements to enable season effect on their website as they requested for Maple Leaves Effect for their Home page

We also worked on customization of Gallery page, As most of the websites have a gallery with collection of random images of their property, But in Maple Terrace we grouped Multiple Images according to their categories For ex. Our Hotel, Falls

We received a Positive Feedback from Maple Terrace regarding the services and customization we delivered as per their requirement . If you want to have a look on Kumar’s Kitchen Website then, Visit the URL